Abortion reason in animals | solution of abortion update

Pregnancy or abortion

Abortion before the end of pregnancy is called abortion. When the child is not able to come out and live or the child is dead. Because abortion is economically very detrimental to the farmer
(1) The child is lost.
(2) Complications arise in the uterus.
(3) The cow buffalo has to be kept in non-productive condition for a long time or it has to be sold.
(4) If the cause of the abortion is bacterial, the rest of the street animals are also at risk. If the abortion rate is more than 2 to 5%, then this situation should be a cause for concern and the cause should be determined and control should be sought. Bacterial and protozoan causes of abortion

  • █▒1 Trichomoniasis
  • 2 Vibriosis
  • 3 Brucellosis


The disease is spread by a single-celled bacterium (Protozoan) Trichomonas fats. In cows and buffaloes, the disease is transmitted to infected males during mating. The bacterium causes the following complications.

Infertility means not getting pregnant

The female becomes temporarily infertile and takes more than three services to conceive. The interval between two summer periods is longer than usual. There may be mild inflammation of the uterus, cervix or vagina

  1. Early days of miscarriage Pregnant animals usually have an abortion after 15 days to 80 days.
  2. Pus in the uterus Many infected animals develop pus in the uterus due to fetal death and rot. This pus is like water but light yellow in color. This pus usually contains jerky pieces and moles. If the sample of this pus is sent to the laboratory then the germs can be separated from it.

Symptoms of this disease are usually not seen in males. Inflammation of the affected penis can occur in males. There is no vaccine available to treat this disease.

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