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Angan App – Find Out If You’re a Beneficiary of an ICDS Scheme in Bihar

If you’re looking for ways to get around in your local community, the Angan app can help you out. Besides providing you with information about air quality, the app also allows you to find the most convenient way to reach local businesses, such as Umiyaji marketing. Furthermore, you can use the app to see if you’re a beneficiary of an ICDS scheme in Bihar. These are just a few features that make this app a worthwhile investment.

Angan app provides air quality data

The Angan app provides air quality data for cities and neighborhoods, including the location of air pollution sources. The app displays values for all major air pollutants and shows concentrations of harmful gases in the air. Users can save a location in the app to view air quality data in future. The app also offers alerts for high levels of air pollution.

The AQI is a general measure of air quality. You can also see individual pollutants in the air. The AQI shows the concentration of various air pollutants, including PM10 and PM2.5. You can also see other pollutants, such as NO2, SO2, and O3. In addition, the app also displays the overall temperature in your location.

With real-time air quality data, citizens can make healthier decisions based on the data they receive. The app also helps businesses make more informed investments. According to the UN, air pollution kills nearly seven million people every year, with six hundred thousand of them being children. The pollutants also impact ecosystems, food production, and climate change. Yet, despite the importance of air pollution, most citizens don’t have real-time data to make decisions about their health.

It allows you to verify the beneficiary of an ICDS scheme in Bihar

Angan Labharthi Verification is an application that can be used to verify the beneficiary of an ICDS (Integrated Child Development Services) scheme in Bihar. This is a vital part of running any ICDS scheme in Bihar. The app requires an internet connection, but it can also perform certain offline tasks. Its main purpose is to verify the details of the beneficiary, and not to register new beneficiaries. However, it can be used for other official applications.

The Angan app enables the user to verify the beneficiary of an ICDS in Bihar online. It is available for all Anganwadi workers, including Sahaikas and Sevikas. The official website also offers this facility for the public to access.

The Anganwadi Labharthi Yojana provides pregnant women and children with nutritious food. The state government has made this scheme available online, making it easy for women to apply. Once approved, the cash is transferred directly to the beneficiary’s bank account. It is possible to withdraw the cash from this account whenever necessary. Beneficiaries are also eligible to receive dry ration from local shops.

The ICDS website has many features. You can check the beneficiary of an ICDS scheme on the site and get updates about the pending payments. The site also provides information about the Sevika and Sahayika of the Anganwari Kendras. There are also details about the basic education and kinder garden programs for children.

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