Animal viral disease | mastitis disease and their cure

Wildness or poisoning in animals
Symptoms ==
Proper digestion of food
Rough skin means roughness of the animal
Odor in the eyes
In milk and bad breath etc.
Reasons ==
Feeding of animals.
Treatment ==
After deworming the animal first
Treatment English (heard from a doctor)
Tab calpol
Tab avil
Tab cecon
For goats, grinding three tablets and feeding them in flour gives best results
Indigenous version ==
Get the following items from the grocery store
Whip 60 grams
Kwar Gandal 250 grams
Neela Thotha one gram
3 grams of zinc sulfate
Prob 60 grams
Kod Tema 250 grams
All of them have to be fed for one day, except for one day
Caution ==
Give fresh water to the animals
Always keep salt in front of animals
May Allah bless you all in your passion. Amen

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