Balance Food in Animal During Pregnancy || Precaution about Food in animals

You may have heard or read somewhere that give the animal a “balanced diet”

A balanced diet refers to a diet that contains all the nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, salts / minerals and vitamins / vitamins) in such a way that all the needs of the animal, i.e. the functions necessary for survival, growth / production, i.e. Maintain milk / meat and reproductive system capacity.
At the same time the diet should be balanced according to the age of the animal, the weight of the animal, the product of the animal, the severity of the weather and the physical condition of the animal (last month pregnant, pregnant and dry, pregnant and lactating).

Dairy and high-milk animals need more protein, energy, vitamins and minerals than dry animals because these components are excreted in milk on a daily basis and the animal’s body also uses these components in making milk. Is. Dry / non-lactating animal feed contains about 12% protein and dairy animals over 3 liters have 16-18% protein in their diet. The animal that is eating from the hoof
So the diet of a dry animal is not balanced for a high-milking animal and the diet of a high-milking animal is not balanced for a dry animal.

A cow that gave birth for the first time / first cow and a cow that gave birth for the third time cannot have exactly the same diet. Like a calf that gives birth to a calf, but the first calf does not weigh as much as an adult animal, it has to give milk as well as increase its body structure, to meet the weight. If her diet is reduced here, she will have difficulty breastfeeding, gaining weight and getting pregnant next time.

So far we have read that any living thing needs 6 nutrients in its diet to survive, grow, produce and reproduce.
The diet should be nutritious as well as balanced
That is, the nutrients in the diet should be according to the age, weight, milk and meat production of the animal

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