Buffalo kinds about milk | neeli ravi buffalo milk produced

Breeds of buffalo

There are different breeds of buffalo. Today we are going to tell you about some breeds

  • 1- Blue Ravi buffalo
  • 2- Kundi buffalo
    3- From Kheli buffalo

Neeli Ravi is a buffalo. This breed is mainly from Lahore, Sheikhupura, Faisalabad, Okara, Sahiwal, Pakpattan, Vehari, Multan, Bahawalpur and Bahawalnagar districts.

But because of its superior properties, it is now found all over the country

This breed is also in great demand in foreign countries

Until 1960, Neeli and Ravi were considered as two separate races, but later the two races merged and Neeli Ravi was considered as one race.

The Blue Ravi breed buffalo has a heavy and triangular body, mostly black in color but often has white markings on the forehead, chin and lower part of the legs. The name Panj Kalyan is given. The head of the tail is often white.

Males are 30 months old while females are 36 months old. The first calving age is 1390 days.

The average lactation period is 322 days. Adult males weigh 550 to 650 kg while adult females weigh 350 to 450 kg.

Kundi buffalo

This breed belongs to Sindh province while it is also found in some areas of Balochistan
Their features

It is a heavy black buffalo. It has curved horns, broad forehead, small neck and medium ears.

While the animal is large and strong, the male averages 30 months while the female matures in 36 months

Adult males weigh 500 to 600 kg and adult females weigh 300 to 400 kg

The per capita milk production is 1700 to 2200 liters. The fat content of milk is 6.5%.

Of the buffalo

This breed of buffalo is mainly found in the area of ​​Swat District (Khawaja Khaila and Madin).

Their features

There is a big change in the body color of this breed of buffalo

It is also very congenitally colorless and has spotted black buffalo

These animals have brown hair on their body. The skin of an adult animal is very thin. The forehead is white or it has white markings of different sizes. The average weight of an animal is 350 to 450 kg

The per capita milk production is 1800 liters. The average age for giving birth for the first time is 45 months while the interval between births of two children is 18 months.

Dear friends, now you have seen that the best breed of buffalo is the Blue Ravi buffalo because it gives more milk and weighs more.

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