Common disease in animals | lumpy skin treatment cow | animals death in cow | Qurbani for cow

Common Disease in animals and their treatment known about every farm house can know.

  • 1 Foot and mouth disease ,we can also say FMD disease
  • 2 Lumpy skin disease in animals
  • 3 PPR Disease in animals
  • 4 Animal Temperature and treatment
  • 5 mastitis disease and their is many more other disease in animals but now a days these disease in animals common and found everywhere.

Here are some solution about these disease

1= Foot and mouth disease effect basically small animals like goat ,sheep and their small baby.FMD disease also effect cow and buffalo but the chances of death in longer animals is lower than the small animals.But we have seen that in goat and sheep ,this FMD disease effect more and their mouth full swallowed and goat or sheep animal can’t eat that’s animals death chances increase.

Their treatment is that every farmers call doctor when he know this is FMD disease about their cure.Just use pinky spray and pencillin group for their FMD disease and apply vaccine in those animal who are not effect FMD.Govt also do free vaccine about this FMD.

2= Lumpy Skin disease is basically animal skin disease.In abroad country their is vaccine where animals can’t effect this disease ,and also abroad country can grap this disease because they are advanced and do free vaccine in animals but in pakistan this disease first come in karachi where lots of animals death became due to uncertain of government doctor about control this disease and can’t do free vaccine in farm.

This will introduced lots of animals death became ,but now this disease come in all over pakistan.This Lumpy skin first give animal high temperature if you can do control high temperature in animals this disease control by apply fever medicine and quality antibiotic medicine for proper treatment animal.

3= PPR disease this disease also effect goat and sheep basically high animals have accute pain and mouth became give water time by time live became swallowed.symptoms about this disease is that animals mouth giving water step by step and acute pain in animals and 3rd one symptoms is that animals shouting loudly .This disease only control do vaccine time by time in animals goat and sheep.

4= In some case animal can’t eat and just sit down and do not digest food properly ,you can first check their temperature and apply medicine temperature down medicine and some good quality antibiotic like we say for temperature down use diclofenac sodium injection and use some quality antibiotic injection.

5= Mastitis plus disease mostly common in all animals small and longer animals.This disease basically in animals milk fever or come after milking milk and animals sit down.This disease can be control by clear the animals farm properly

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