Cow Buffalo and Goat Mastitus Disease || their milk problem

Cows, buffaloes, goats have smaller teats or milk is gradually reduced To prevent First of all, keep in mind that the teats of any animal can grow slowly or abruptly There is no cure for it at a young age But it is possible to detect and treat

it when the teat is not yet small The test by which an animal’s teat is found to be smaller than before The first step in this test is to make a surf solution Mix 2 tablespoons of Surf Exil or any good surf and a glass of clean water to make a solution and rinse it off with some clean water.

Then mix this solution and animal milk in equal quantity (10 cc water and 10 cc fresh milk from a syringe) and stir in a black plastic vessel for 1 to 2 minutes.

1 If the surf water and milk remain the same even after stirring for two minutes, then the udder of the animal is not burnt or sore. 2) If milk and water become a thick sticky substance, then the wound has started to form 3) If the milk becomes completely yoghurt or the milk bursts,

then the wound or infection has taken over the house Treatment First, send the same milk to the nearest laboratory so that the culture sensitivity test can be done CST and the infection can be treated accordingly. Apply Enrofloxacin or Gentamycin daily to your animal for two to three days until the lab tests are done.

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