How to Cure Lumpy Skin Disease full treatment

Hello…Fellow animal husbandry practitioners, learners or students,, Take this opportunity to ask any questions on any of the cases posted on the page… These are real field challenges faced everyday.. am interested in sharing with you on how to manuaver such cases…

A)Lumpy Skin Disease.
There is many way to cure animal in lumpy Skin Disease basically just followed here of few doctor observation cure lumpy animal Isolate the animal, then treat with “Antibiotics” to prevent secondary bacterial complications, Ivermectin , and supportive treatment if necessary.

  • LSD….. use
  • Multivitamin
  • Penstrep
  • Dexa

Also curing of sick animal /isolation of sick animal
3rd one is
We had given ivermectin once and dycrsitin 5G injection daily for 4-5 days and apply neem & zinc powder
Other observation is I treat this kind of case last year by using Levamisol SQ n Tetranor IM

We experienced this problem some where last year in our kraal and since then the cows have been aborting anytime they are pregnant.

LSD, cute stage, You may using antibiotics and painkillers for 3-5 days and include multivitamin drugs

On outbreak… Schedule vaccination.. isolate the sick.. use dexamethasone as well as penicillin and streptomycin..
We have collect different suggestion of different treatment of animal ,just followed and cure animal .

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