DCP powder and its use | deficiency of calcium phosphate in animal

Di Calcium Phosphate
That is, one part phosphorus and two parts calcium are called DCP.
Animals and humans need calcium and phosphorus for bone and energy ATP
Calcium and phosphorus make bone. Phosphorus is formed in the blood while adenosine triphosphate and adenosine di-phosphate run the body’s energy.

Calcium is excreted in the milk from the animal’s body. The color of milk is white due to calcium. In addition, the baby’s bones in the animal’s stomach are made up of calcium and phosphorus

If the calcium is low, especially during the cold season, during the third and fourth calves, and if the animal with more milk suffers from calcium deficiency, then the animal cannot get up.
This is called gonorrhea.
Phosphorus deficiency, on the other hand, causes bleeding in the urine, which is called urinary incontinence
Both diseases are seen in winter season

But even in summer, there is a high fever with a high fever, which is caused by a fever caused by a bacterium called Babesia which destroys the blood due to ticks. The treatment is called Imidocarb

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