Goat and Dumpa animals become fat || food plan for goat animal

Grease the umbrellas and goats for sacrifice

In our country, the business of fattening umbrellas and selling goats for Eid-ul-Adha is very lucrative. These animals need a special kind of food in order to get fat. Experience has shown that if cattle are given fattening food before slaughtering, they can get at least fifty percent more meat and the quality of meat is also improved. It is better to buy one month old umbrellas and goats

They grow faster and can convert food better into meat
The following features should be kept in mind when looking at meat goats

  • Strong stature
  • Wide, deep and solid weight
  • Short, wide and strong head
  • Eyes should be large and open
  • Must have short and thick neck
  • The back is wide and full of flesh
  • Leg socks and full of flesh
  • Body structure should be open and strong
  • Straight leg and body close to the ground and full of flesh

Good results can be obtained by fattening healthy animals in iron canopies in umbrellas and hatil daira in goats and crossbreeding.


Umbrellas are best for low-cost housing, which is made at low cost. The floor of the enclosure should be somewhat thick and around 6 inches high so that rain water cannot enter inside. Square foot space is required. There should be 6 feet high barbed wire fence around the enclosure to protect the cattle from wild animals.

  • 16 inches long and one foot deep for 30 canopies
  • One and a half feet high is enough
  • Other steps

The sale and purchase of animals should be based on their body weight, as this reduces the risk of harm.

Animals should be kept separate from other animals for at least ten days after they are purchased and brought to the farm so that they do not spread to other animals if they are affected by any disease.

After buying the animals, they were given some good antiseptic medicine to cleanse them from internal worms

Rinse with medicated water to prevent ticks and lice
Get vaccinated against intestinal toxins, pneumonia, pneumonia and smallpox. Get all animals castrated Animals can be brought on a full ration

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