Goat farming easy way | wanda for goat farm

Hello friends
Goat farming is not as easy as it sounds on YouTube and not as difficult as youtubers have made it complicated.
I will not name but one of the big goat farms of Pakistan has launched its own food. Well there are more products but our topic today is food so believe me what they have introduced No, they are just coughs
Mummy Daddy enthusiasts like me are taking it hand in hand that no grass, no wanda,

no grazing, just take it out of the bag and put it in front of you and you will lose your life. Hey dear brothers, just look at the shepherds around you. I have seen many shepherds. They only graze. Their goats are very fat and fresh. They do not know the dry meter or the protein level of CP. It is known that their goats only graze and give birth to three healthy kids

Green leafy green grass is a goat’s food. It is also a good thing for lozenges. Wanda containing agricultural commodities should also be given. Keep in mind now that the owners of this large farm have spent a lot and now they are selling at four thousand per kg live weight but are trying to sell brother if you have spent more than necessary.

By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive.
So brothers, avoid complicating goat farming too much, because after spending too much unnecessarily, you will not be able to get such expensive sales and the chances of loss may be higher.
May Allah bless you all in your passion. Amen

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