google app ka naam kya hai

How to Setup Google Assistant

If you are a user of Google Assistant and wonder how to setup the virtual assistant, this article will teach you how to do it. Google Assistant is a wonderful addition to your smartphone and can help you with anything you need. It is a great way to stay connected to the people around you and to manage your life without having to worry about everything.

aapne mobaail meN Google Assistant kaa istemaal bhut hii aasaanii se kr skte hai

Google Assistant is a handy assistant that can assist you with everyday tasks. It has many useful features, including the ability to set reminders, look up answers to questions, and manage your schedule. It can also help you manage your smart home devices. For example, it can control your smart lights and thermostat when you’re not there. You can also ask it to open your favorite apps or turn on your flashlight.

guugl asistteNtt aip ko settap (Setup) krnaa behd hii aasaan kaam hai

As of now, the Google Assistant works in English and several other languages. However, some features may not be available in all countries. For example, if you’re using the Google Smart Clock, you can use Google Assistant in Danish, French, German, and English.

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