Hen disease in animal || new disease in hen rani kheeth disease

ر Treatment of # Queen # Field (N.D) and # Green # Sitting
نہ Lack of cleaning of sheds جانا People coming and going in sheds نہ Not spraying disinfection every month نہ Not maintaining proper humidity in the air. If left unchecked, there is a risk of the whole flock disappearing. Care better than cure.

  • Immunization booster and protein and calcium must be fed one day before vaccination. Do not take any antibiotics. If a bird is sick with another disease, treat it first. And keep them separate.

Symptoms: –

  • Animal slowdown
  • Stop eating and drinking
  • Lack of vitamin B deficiency
  • Green seats
  • Twisting of the neck
  • Leaving the bird’s feathers and tail loose


1- Benzyl penicillin injection 1 million (Benzyl penicillin)
2- Neurobion injection

  • Benzyl penicillin injection 1 million Neurobian injections Mix all and then shake well.
    Now fill the prepared 4 cc plus solution in 5 cc syringe. Vaccinate the bird halfway. Care should be taken when injecting meat.
    Apply it to the chest, thighs, arm flesh, and inject it half-comfortably.

کریں Do the same in the evening or repeat after 12 hours. The second dose will be enough and the bird will recover. If any side effects remain, mix Benzyl penicillin injection in 1 million refreshed boiled water. And drink 3 cc. Bird will get better.

Note: –

If the bird is moderate, all injections should be given half-fed and fed at 12-hour intervals.

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