How animal digestive system work | animals food digest

Biting animals
After eating fodder, the animal has two compulsions
No. 1: Drinking water
No. 2
The first compulsion is to drink water
The second compulsion is for the animal to fulfill itself
After eating fodder and drinking water, usually sitting or standing up and waking the animal calmly and satisfactorily is a sign of the best and healthiest animal.
And then the animal keeps chewing step by step until the time of the second fodder
Sometimes white milk foam like foam falls from the mouth of the animal while chewing.
Which is a sign of good digestion and health
Friends, inspect your animals daily
And make it a point to inspect your farm and animals on a daily basis
Inshallah 99% will be safe from troubles
If any animal looks different from the routine condition, check it immediately
And treat it immediately according to the problem
This is what halal animals do!

Because their stomach is multi-stage, ie food is digested in stages!

They eat only once, then bring it back again and again and keep chewing and mixing.

Juggling is a sign of animal health.

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