How to give tablet to dog || Best method for cat and Dog given medicine

Hello friends, most people say that if we have a dog or a cat, he has got it or he is not eating or drinking anything. It is important for the fitness and good growth of our dog. Some people say that feed the dog this or that but he does not eat from us. What is the method of giving medicine to the dog? Today we give medicine to the dog and its fitness.

The serbex tablet is another osnate tablet from the medical store and is a vitamin E capsule that complements the deficiency vitamin. You have been told above that it does not allow the dog’s eyes to wake up. Avion capsules should be given to the dog in winter and not to dogs in summer. When you give this capsule to the dog, the dog will be fit and the dog will not get eye disease in winter season and the dog will be fit.

Similarly, some friends have kept cats. The biggest problem of cats is that their hair starts to fall out from the skin. Cats need to be given calcium P syrup. There is also a syrup called Vidalem M. It also has to be fed 2cc daily. After feeding one week, do not feed for twenty days, then for ten days. If it is weak, this medicine will also cure the stomach of the cat. The hair of the cat will become shiny like this

You have to give vidalem M 5cc daily to the dog and it is mandatory to give eitght to ten days in a month.
You have to tell the dog how to feed the tablet. First you have to hold the dog’s lips with the upper tooth then you have to give the tablet.

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