How to increase milk || Udder of Cows and Buffalos ||Milk Booster || Dairy Farming

All of you will be well and may Allah Almighty keep you safe Allah will give your fresh cow or buffalo very good milk. First of all keep in mind that more milk production depends on the breed of your animal ie if you do not have a dairy animal then you can give it. Feeding will be fat and fresh, but the milk will give as much as its productive capacity. Therefore, any prescription for increasing milk should always be used on animals which have good productivity but if due to any internal weakness.

If you are not fully breastfed, then you can use this recipe to get much better milk from such animals. Also keep in mind that cow or buffalo is not fully breastfed immediately after giving birth. In fact, it takes a few days for them to reach their pack level, which is usually 30 to 40 days after that. He is recited his complete Durood because after giving birth and in the early days he becomes very weak internally and it takes a few days for his energy to be restored.

During this time you must give him good food and Wanda so that The animal soon regains its energy and returns to its full milk but if after 30 or 40 days your animal is not giving milk according to its milking capacity even after eating good food then today is the day to tell. Use the prescription. InshaAllah your animal will give very good milk and first of all you have to take note of the things that are used in this way.

  • White cumin 50 grams
  • 200 grams of fennel
  • 200 to 250 grams of desi ghee

These are the things you should make and also note the method of feeding the animal. Apart from desi ghee, coat all the other things that have been told to you and mix it with desi ghee and feed it to the animal after feeding it in the evening. It is the food of the day. It should be started fifteen days after giving birth.

First give it three to four days daily, then give it two to three times a week. There will be a tremendous increase. In addition, you must give one pound of Vanda to your animal and also give DCP powder. Also, keep your animals safe from severe weather and do good deeds so that the animals do not suffer any kind of trouble. And also try to keep the baby in front of the animal because sometimes some animals, if they are away from their child or the child is not in front of them, they do not eat properly and do not move due to anxiety.

This can affect their milk production, so take special care of all these things and also keep your animals clean and fresh for 24 hours. Ensure supply in all cases because if the animal is thirsty or it is feeling the need for water but there is no water in front of it then it cannot drink water. There are many negative effects on the production of feeding. If the digestive system of an animal deteriorates or it eats Wanda, it has a high acidity in its stomach and if the animal does not get water then what is inside its stomach. It increases so much that the animal stops eating and drinking

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