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What a time when pure buffalo milk was available in the market. Then came the time when water began to be added to this pure milk. Then look at the irony of the situation that milk is being sold by extracting cream from milk which is being sold normally. Some greedy people are playing with human health and selling artificial milk made from various chemicals and harmful health items. Because these artificial and real milk are the same, the common man is unable to recognize them.

Another dangerous thing that this nation is suffering from is the reckless use of the oxytocin vaccine. Cows or buffaloes are vaccinated with oxytocin before weaning. This vaccine is given in front of the customer, because the customer does not know what is the harm in the milk of this vaccine, or what is the side effects of this milk which he is considering as pure, then he should never take this milk. Don’t do Milk or skim milk is not as harmful as these chemically processed and oxytocin-injected milk.
Milk sellers play with the lives of others for their meager profits.
The general public should be fully aware of the purpose for which the oxytocin vaccine was made and the purpose for which people use this vaccine.

The oxytocin vaccine stops the pain and bleeding during childbirth and completes the birth process quickly and easily by controlling the expansion and contraction of the uterus. The high levels of amino acids in oxytocin make it a protein-like hormone. The purpose of this hormone is to release milk into the teats by causing disruption and tension in the stagnant muscles and cells found around the milk producing cells. And this is an unnatural way. The use of this vaccine causes the uterus to shrink and expand, causing great pain to the animal. The effects of this single vaccine last for a long time, until the animal becomes accustomed to this vaccine, buffaloes or cows do not give milk due to non-vaccination. Its constant use leads to infertility in animals. Animal life is also reduced.

Hormone deficiency occurs in animals which has adverse effects on their health. The body parts of the animal where milk is made and stored are damaged.
Oxytocin injected milk enters the human body and causes hormonal imbalance and adversely affects human health. If pregnant women use this milk, their pregnancy will end. That is why the incidence of miscarriages has been increasing for some years now. Premature puberty in young children. Adolescent vision loss, hair loss at an early age, feeling weak and tired, feeling restless. Women who use this vaccinated milk during pregnancy are more likely to have physical defects and mental disabilities in children after birth.

The oxytocin injection causes pain to the animal, but it also has an adverse effect on the human life that consumes the milk. From children to adults are affected by these bad effects.
The oxytocin vaccine is sold openly in town, town and village grocery stores. If the health department bans the public sale of these vaccines, it will have a great impact on the lives of animals and human beings.

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