Improper Dewarming | Dewarming precaution

Improper deworming might see you put your chicken flock at a risk.and having your birds in a cage might not save you alot .
Chicken doctor himself. Even chicken recommend us.
Having your birds in the battery
cage system might not protect you fully from worms since they will still get a way to get to your birds .Its true in a cage you are at a lesser risk but not fully protected ..

Note the following :

1.For cages its advisable to deworm every 2 to 3 months as compared to a monthly deworming for deep litter birds .
2.Always alternate the classes of dewormers used for example if you use a piperazine this time,switch to a levamisole the next deworming .
3.Deny birds water for about 2 hours before releasing water with a dewormer.
4.Use the right dosage and follow instructions as you deworm.
5.Deworming comes with reduction in water intake and stress to birds so always advisable to follow it with a combination of Vitamins ,electrolytes and aminoacids which makes Amilyte the best candidate.
Chicken doctor hhimself.Even chicken recommend us.

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