Negahban Ramazan Rashan Relief Subsidy Start 2024

The Nigehban Punjab Atta Scheme 8070 is a program initiated by Maryam Nawaz, a Pakistani politician. The 8070 Atta scheme in Punjab is a government initiative aimed at providing relief to financially disadvantaged families. Eligible households can register by sending their CNIC number to 8070. Upon approval,

they will receive notifications about the locations and timings to collect subsidized flour. This scheme offers a crucial lifeline for those struggling to make ends meet, ensuring access to a basic food staple at a reduced cost.

Registration Process

SMS Registration:
  • Obtain the designated helpline number for the program.
  • Send an SMS to this number with your National Identity Card (CNIC) number. You may need to include specific keywords as instructed by the program.
Online Registration:
  • Look for an official online registration portal established by the Punjab Government specifically for the Negahban Rashan Program.
  • Create an account if required.
  • Enter your CNIC number and other relevant personal details as requested in the form.
  • The government will verify your eligibility by cross-checking your details with existing databases like the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) and NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority).

Negahban Rashan Program 2024

The Negahban Rashan Program 2024 is a food relief initiative launched by the Punjab government in Pakistan. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:


  • Food Security: Primarily designed to provide essential food items to those experiencing financial hardship, promoting food security for vulnerable populations throughout the province.
  • Ramadan Support: The program often has a special focus during the holy month of Ramadan to ease the burden of expenses during this time.


  • Ration Packages: Beneficiaries typically receive packages that include a combination of:
    • Flour (Atta)
    • Sugar
    • Ghee (clarified butter)
    • Rice
    • Other staples may be included
  • Delivery: In some cases, distribution may occur through door-to-door delivery, collection from designated centers, or other approved methods.


  • Poverty Score: Families may need to fall below a specific poverty score to qualify.
  • Income Threshold: There may be a monthly income limit to be considered eligible.
  • Other Criteria: Additional criteria might include not having outstanding bank loans or involvement in illegal activities.

How to Access:

  • Registration: Processes can change, but methods might include:
    • Sending an SMS with your National Identity Card (CNIC) number to a designated helpline.
    • Online portals set up by the government.
  • Verification: The government will check your eligibility based on the information provided.
  • Notification: Successful applicants will be informed about how and where to collect their ration packages.

8070 Atta scheme in Punjab

The 8070 Atta Scheme in Punjab is a government-backed initiative designed to help economically disadvantaged families access affordable flour, a staple food in Pakistan. Eligible citizens can register for the program by sending their National Identity Card (CNIC) number to the designated helpline, 8070.

After the Punjab government verifies their eligibility, approved participants will receive notifications about where and when they can collect their subsidized or free flour allocation. The aim of the scheme is to reduce food insecurity and ease the financial burdens faced by low-income households in the province.

What is the 8070 Atta scheme?

  • Initiative by Maryam Nawaz: The Nigehban Punjab Atta Scheme 8070 is a program initiated by Maryam Nawaz, a Pakistani politician.
  • Focus: It aims to provide subsidized or free flour to low-income families facing financial challenges in the province of Punjab.
  • Subsidy/Free: Depending on the specific implementation, the scheme may offer subsidized flour at a lower price or provide it for free.

How does it work?

  1. Registration: Eligible individuals can register by sending their National Identity Card (CNIC) number to the helpline 8070.
  2. Verification: The Punjab government verifies the eligibility of the applicants.
  3. Distribution: If approved, beneficiaries receive notifications (often via SMS) about the designated flour distribution centers and their allotted amounts.

Important Considerations:

  • Eligibility: The program typically focuses on families below a certain income threshold or those facing economic hardship.
  • Flour Quantity: The amount of flour provided may vary depending on family size and other factors.
  • Timeline: The scheme may run for specific periods or be adjusted over time in line with government policies.

Where to find more information

  • Nigehban Punjab Atta Scheme Website: You can try searching for a dedicated website using terms like “Nigehban Punjab Atta Scheme”.
  • Punjab Government Websites: Explore the official websites of relevant departments within the Punjab government.
  • News Sources: Search for recent news articles about the scheme and updates by searching “8070 Atta scheme Punjab news”.

Quick Details Table

Scheme Name8070 Atta Scheme
LocationPunjab, Pakistan
Target GroupLow-income families
BenefitSubsidized or free flour
Registration ProcessSend CNIC number to helpline 8070
VerificationBy Punjab government
DistributionDesignated centers upon notification


Q: What is the 8070 Atta Scheme?

A: It’s a Punjab government program providing subsidized flour to low-income families to alleviate financial burdens.

Q: How do I register for the scheme?

A: Send your 13-digit National Identity Card (CNIC) number to 8070 from your registered mobile number. You’ll receive a confirmation SMS if successful.pen_spark

Q: Who is eligible for the 8070 Atta Scheme?

A: Eligibility criteria can change, but it generally targets families with severe financial difficulties. Check with your local government representatives for the most up-to-date information.

Q: How much flour will I receive?

A: You’ll likely receive a 10 kg bag of flour at a subsidized price.

Q: How will I know when and where to collect my flour?

A: Upon successful registration, you’ll receive an SMS with the collection date, time, and location.

Q: Do I need to bring anything to collect the flour?

A: Yes, bring your original CNIC and the confirmation SMS you received.

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