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The Physics Wallah App

The Physics Wallah app is an educational tool that allows students to understand complex physics concepts in an easy and comprehensive way. The app features animations and illustrations that make concepts more understandable, along with a built-in practice test to assess how well students are grasping the material. The app is one of the most affordable websites for physics education, with over 1,000 educational resources available for download.

Alakh Pandey

Alakh Pandey grew up in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, and struggled with poverty and educational problems. As a teenager, he taught class nine students and dreamed of becoming a math teacher in class 12. He dropped out of college and started teaching at a Kanpur coaching institute. The head of the institute encouraged him to start his YouTube channel.

Alakh, who is now a popular YouTuber, started his YouTube career by uploading daily videos. His YouTube videos became popular during the recent pandemic, as he shared his learning tricks and tips with thousands of viewers. In 2017, he launched a YouTube app called PhysicsWallah, which he uses to teach his students physics. It includes tutorials from other teachers and allows students to learn in the privacy of their own home. The course is affordable for anyone looking for a quality physics course.

Alakh Pandey’s Physics Wallah app is a great tool for preparing for the IIT JEE. It has a wealth of study material and videos to prepare you for the exam. It’s free, and it’s available for download on both Android and iOS devices. Once you download the app, you’ll have access to lectures and test banks, as well as quizzes and other resources. The app is ideal for students who want to excel in physics and pursue professional careers.

Prateek Maheshwari

If you are searching for an app that will teach you physics, you’ve come to the right place. PhysicsWallah is an app that has helped more than 2 million students across the globe learn physics. The app’s founder, Prateek Maheshwari (a.k.a. “Prateek”), was born in Bewar, India in 1988 and practices Hinduism. In 2016, he started his app on YouTube and has since expanded it to an app and website.

The app is available free on the Google Play Store and contains many resources and study materials to help students pass physics exams. It is a comprehensive tool that can be used for live testing and exam preparation. It contains a wide variety of video lectures and tutorials and can be used for both classroom and online learning.

PhysicsWallah has received many accolades for its success. Alakh Pandey’s YouTube channel has over one million subscribers. His app has been downloaded over 50 lakh times, and he has been offered an annual package of Rs 4 crore from Unacademy to develop it.

Alakh Pandey’s Youtube channel

Alakh Pandey is known as the Physics Wallah and is a leading educator on YouTube. He uploads videos related to various topics such as competitive exams, NCERT, defence, and physics. His videos are easily understandable by students of all ages. In addition to his YouTube channel, Alakh also has a website and an app where he teaches students physics.

Alakh’s PhysicsWallah app has more than 50 lakh subscribers. He has also relaunched an old YouTube channel to provide tutorials for the JEE mains. This physics app has become a phenomenon with students who want to understand the principles behind physics. Alakh’s videos have been viewed over 6 million times on YouTube. The videos are entertaining and informative.

Alakh has a unique approach to teaching physics. He combines teaching and acting to make difficult concepts approachable for students. Originally from Allahabad, Alakh left college and joined a training institute with a salary of Rs 5,000. While teaching, he also updates his YouTube channel.

Physics wallah

The Physics Wallah app is an online resource for studying physics. It offers video lectures, live classes, study materials, and test series. Students can customize the content to suit their own learning styles and preferences. Students can also access study materials through email addresses. The Physics Wallah app is a helpful resource for anyone pursuing a professional career in physics.

The Physics Wallah app is created by Alakh Pandey, who quit his job at a coaching centre in his third year and turned to full-time YouTuber work. While his online channel had a slow start, it soon started gaining steam. By early 2019, his channel had already surpassed two million subscribers. Then the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country and the demand for his app skyrocketed.

The Physics Wallah app has been a sensation on YouTube since its launch, with a heady growth in subscriber count from just 4,000 subscribers in 2017 to over 22 lakh in 2019. As the rash of Covid-19 spread across the world, Alakh Pandey decided to roll out the app in the U.S., and in a few months, the app had reached the top charts on PlayStore.

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