Prolapse In Goat Different Method To Push Back Prolapse | When prolapse don’t go Back in Goat Precaution

A case of prolapse.

I tried to prostitute it back but I couldn’t.because once am pushing it back, the more animal breath out so the prolapse it definitely comes out again.
Pls which type of techniques should i apply to manage and treat?
There is many other types in to Remove Prolapse in Goat to Push Back in Goat

1= Remove the urine from blador it may be urine in bladder, Or injection ketoprofin or Diclofenac sodium injection that will reduse tha stictness
2= Next time u come across such case try and get iced block and rob around the the uterus it helps reduces it in size and also localizes it
Then with a little pressure it can be pushed back then you pass stitches on and that’s all.
3= Wash it with Warm saline solution with sugar. Apply anaesthesia. Then push it back and do purse string suture. If its already days old, perform OVH
4= First administer about 5-10mls of local anaesthesia such as lidocaine or lignocane thru epidural route coz this will prevent animal from overstraining , then clean the uterus and sprinkle about 500-1000gms of sugar , this will cause the uterus to shrink slightly , then u start pushing back the uterus using the fist gently until the whole uterus goes back , then stitch the vulva a leave a small slit for passage Of the urine
5= Clean it and remove all died parts until it bleeds in a clean way. dehydrate it. give local anesthisia ippidural to avoid reprolapse. suture pulse-string.
6= Dr. I just infuse lidocaine at dorsal tail and lower part of the vagina to make the site tendon and reduce pain.
Also sugar dispass on material out so I push it back and it was retain even if the animal breath out.
And then stich was achieve at lower part also applied antibiotics to avoid secondary infection
There is lots of more Method which can be applied on this Prolapse to Reduce or Inject Back

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