Road Grass is best for Buffalo || what we do if give Silage Buffalo

In today’s article we will talk about silage. Most of the friends ask the question, what is it like to feed silage to buffaloes? Doesn’t buffaloes have any problem with silage and if so, how can it be saved?

As you all know silage is considered very useful for cows and cow dairy farms all over the world are running because of silage ie silage is used instead of green fodder Is used. But many people in Pakistan still traditionally cut fodder from the fields and bring it to their farms on a daily basis and then cut the fodder on the farm and put it on the animals.

If you have a large number of animals then cutting fodder from the fields and bringing it to the farm and then feeding the animals by cutting this fodder requires a lot of labor and time in this process ie more than half of the day is spent in this work. Goes While the nutrition of green fodder is more beneficial for a short period of time ie if you cut the fodder prematurely then the animals will not get full nutrition and if more time passes then the fodder starts to ripen which That causes digestive problems for the animal and also reduces its nutrition.

But silage is something that has the same nutrition all year round and you don’t even have to go to the fields every day to mow the fodder and then bring it to the farm and cut it. Can do feeding. In addition, problems caused by year-round fodder shortages can be avoided. Cold or hot, sunny or rainy you don’t have to worry about anything and you can easily feed your animals in the presence of silage.

But it is important to know some basic things when using silage. Silage yeast is called fodder which is also very nutritious and giving the same kind of food to the animals continuously causes acidity in their stomach and if this solution is not found then the animals reduce their food and drink.

Body-like symptoms begin to appear and even mild problems begin to appear in the teats of animals, but this is not a frightening thing, but there is a solution that will be told to you at the end. In addition, the use of silage in buffaloes is very useful, but if a few precautions are taken, the full benefits of silage can be obtained.

Animals that are being used for silage must use 20 to 30 grams of baking soda and 10 to 15 grams of toxin binder per animal on a daily basis. And animal health and milk production will be better. Also try to distribute silage to the animals so that they give better results.

And ensure 24 hours supply of fresh water to the animals as silage also makes the animals very thirsty and if If they do not have access to drinking water according to their needs, this can lead to many problems. Silage is an excellent food for animals, but with the precautionary measures mentioned, it is not a problem.

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