Rule to start poultry farming | how to start poultry less amount

Dear friends, I am going to tell you the role of raising chickens. If you follow them, insha’Allah, you will earn more profit. The chickens that you have. Can raise

500 If you have started raising chickens then you have three hundred out of capacity then you should not take five hundred from which you can earn very good profit because if you take 500 you will not be able to feed them so 500 Instead of 250 you can arrange their food and well

You should not start this business as soon as you have borrowed from anyone, because if you start this business with a loan, the first thing you can do is to spend all your money on buying chickens. The rest of the children will have paisey to keep their medicine and other things and secondly the experienced ones in their hands then you will not have money and you will not have to borrow which will increase the debt on you and then You will go into debt, you will have tension, so you can’t get out of this job.

The third attitude is to be vigilant in your business. You have to be serious in whatever business you are doing. If you are serious then you can become a successful businessman because successful business people are vigilant. The chickens are eating well. So if you check, separate them. Then do the next day fifty. Similarly, weigh the chickens that you check every week. If you are careful, you will be successful. Becoming a businessman is a very lucrative job if you take it seriously and seriously

If they have a motion sickness or a sore throat, then the food that is being digested by them so well that they become sluggish. It is not uncommon for you to call a doctor to have your veterinarian refer you to a veterinarian who has no interest in their illness. Take it seriously, if you don’t take it lightly, it will work, so you can make a good profit.

If you have chickens, etc., if they are eating good food, then it is fine, then you should not change the diet of chickens immediately at the request of anyone, and as soon as you check them, you will know what their food was. And how are they growing? Well, no, you were giving good food before. You were giving good company food. They will start to deteriorate in the same way that you have to be careful of all the things you take care of

So you have to see if any food you were already getting is good. You have to give the same food again. If you have to make sudden change, don’t do it. Slowly, you have to see. You are giving two times in the evening and in the morning you give three or four at someone’s request. In the same way you are saying goodbye.

If you have chicks that are alive or don’t dehydrate them, yes don’t dehydrate them at all.

You may have heard that when you run out of water in the summer, if you run out of water, you will get sick. You will have heat stress inside you. Similarly, you may have heard how chickens survive when there is heat stress. Can

So heat stress comes once which, if God forbid, can ruin your whole flock, but at the same time it cannot survive without good water.

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