Sign of PPR in animals || diagnosed PPR animals

What are the signs of PPR

Different doctor give different suggestion about this viral disease.If this diseases happened in animal you will immediately call vetenirary doctor PPR full treatment.Here we share some thought how we check this animal caught in PPR disease ,just follow these step here
1- Discharge from mouth,eyes and nose,mucus containing diarrhea
2- Nasal discharge
Saliva come from animal in PPR
3- High temp
Off fed
Oral lessions
Coughing may
Weight loss
4- Fever 105’6f
Mouth discharge
5- .Discharge (narsal,occular) it can be seroid or mucopurulent
.Oral lesions e g scabby crusting
.G I T problem e.g diarrhoea
6- .lacrimation
.Nasal discharge
.Oral lesion crusty form
.sticky diarhea
.zebra strip at post mortem
7- Postmortum is seen
_lungs partial or wholly black
Zebra staining in intestine with blood
Eye(cornea) withish in color
Dull coat
High mortality
So and so.
8- PPR mostly attack oral cavity , respiratory (lung) & intestine (digestive system)
9- Profuse watery diarrhea, high fever, oral lesions, dehydration
10- Fever, anorexia, Diarrhoea, Lethargy, Coughing .
These are ten observation we have listen through our experience former and vet doctor about sign of PPR on animals.

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