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Let’s Start the ABC of Farming

Any living thing uses the food it eats first for its physical maintenance. Then if the energy obtained from food is more than the energy required to perform bodily functions, then animals will use it for development and production ie milk, meat (Production).

Now if the food eaten exceeds these two functions, then the animal will use it for reproduction. That is, the third and last number is the reproductive system

This principle is of nature and applies to every soul.
2- Production
Reproductive health of an animal depends on the good physical health of the animal.
If a well-bred animal reduces milk production due to lack of food or unbalanced diet, then its reproductive system will have already reduced its functioning. That is, the effect of malnutrition will first affect its reproductive system then reproduction then its production, ie milk will affect meat production and then its health will affect maintenance. The animal’s reproductive system may have been affected by the decline in health.

ABC of Farming from today – ABC
A new series of farming is being started – very basic knowledge of farming, you may already know this, but try to take it all with you.

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