what are the drugs to treat Ector parasite, mice, lice, etc.

There are many ways for complete cure of ecto parasite ,mice and lice.
1- Use Inj.Ivermectin…10 ml for an adult individual,2ml for sheep and goat,1ml for Dog repeat after 90 days if it persists.If it is chronic repeat at 10 days interval:total 3 doses And Dusting by BHC Powder 5-10 % to the habitat of animals…cracks and crevices at 12.00 am noon for at least 2 hrs,thereafter clean it.It is used when animals are going to graze in pastures.I mean when habitat is free.Grazing must be circular I mean every week it has to be changed by direction.You can use Oral Ivermectin Tabs also…You can use locally the Spray also ie Butox liquid is sprayed where the Lices Ticks Fleas are there Even if you can use the spray when you see eggs(white line)on animals Particularly inner ear,inguinal region,Udder,at the base of horns…etc…
2- Use derivative of avermectin such as ivermectin, doramectin, Selamectin , abamectin, eprinomectin. They are all effective
3- Acentol spray,ivermectine inj,permithrin spary,acravil spray,negawan spray,sulphur ointment,vinegar spray,zinc cream,hygienic spray…imizole inj(IM),, butalex(SC)…Antibiotics like tetracycline…..etc
4- The drugs use again ectoparasite is ivermectin, but if the condition worse use permethrim, delthrim, DD-force e t c for keeping,spraying or birthing.
5- Note: Ivermectin SQ only! don’t ever administer through I.M, I.V or I.D. Subcute only.

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