What injection to cattle and calf to increasebody weight

Increase animals body weight many method we adopted but the main reason for increase meat and their health problem.Here we suggested different doctor give different technique for increase animals body weight just follow these rule and earn more profit from you’re animals .
1- we should remain And balance parameters of
feed ,water and environment.
2- cattle reduces weight due to different infections. Treat the infection if any and give multivitamin injections or tablets.
3- Deworm your cattle , feed them with corn green fodder or corn silage and balanced concentrate feed nothing else needed . If it’s malnutrition then go for additional micro and macro mineral supplements.
4- Important company medicine we will use the name is Use D.I Grow Green multi vitamin.
5- The only thing that boost the body is proper diet others are just supplementary for muscle build up.
6- Is depended on your feed that you give and type of management.
7- Use Motabolin gold after dewarming
Dosage – per 100 kg body wt. 1 ml.
8- Make sure that u give them balance diet and some times u’are bosting with mult-vitamin injection.
9- First deworm than give proper diet and mineral mixture, LIVERTONIC.
These are 9 different step to increase animals body weight.

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