What is debeaking | why we do debeaking in birds

Debeaking in birds special do large and huge poultry control shed.
Different doctor suggested about debeaking here
1- This is the act of cutting the upper beak of birds in order to reduce cases of cannibalism (egg eating)
2- Patial trimming of beak to prevent cannivalism as wall as eggs broken
3- Debeaking is the cutting or removal of beak 1/3 or 1/2 of the upper mandible and just making the lower mandible blunt with the help of cauterization or trimming.
4- Debeaking can be done by burning the upper beak by use of hot metal or other applicable methods
5- act of cutting beak of poultry upper beak 0.4/while lower beak 0.2/
6- Debeaking -Cutting of beak of the poultry
Reason-For Cannabilism like Eggs Cracking.feather Noching. Fighting
Age-3days after 🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣
7- Debeaking is the act of cuttings lips of 🐦 against mutual fight
8- Is the removal of some part of poultry beak In order to protect others from cannibalism and egg cracking
9- it’s the removal of the lower part of small sharp edegs of the birds peak
10- The remover of beak in poultry

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