What is FMD Disease in Animals || Is there is pure Treatment available

Treatment of FMD Many Doctor Follow Different Method and Different Medicine for Treatment of FMD in Local And Form House’s.We will Suggest you Different Method for you of Different Veterinary Doctor and There VA.

1= Use hydrogen peroxide for flushing the blisters in the mouth,tongue and in between the hooves and u can also administer penicillin for secondary bacterial infection
2= Someone says No Treatment No specific treatment but you can treat secondary bacterial infection symptomatic
3= Rx
Inj. Amoxicillin and sulbactum
Inj.malonex plus
And wash foot and mouth with potassium permagnate and apply glycerine and boric acid on mouth ulcer
4= At first Dressing the wound clearly
Then apply skin heal spray externally
Dry dressing powder 30 gm used externally

  1. inj. Dicrystacin Ds 1 vial
  2. Inj. Memlonex power 15ml
    Repat As next day must
    5= Rx . – No specific treatment because it’s a viral disease
  • washing foot & mouth lesions with 1- 2 % kmno4
  • apply boro glycerine
  • Trivivet
  • Dicrystacin
  • Amoxicillin
  • meloxycam

6= Inj.Lemasol-75 13 to15 ml.s/c alternate if required.
Inj Avil 10 ml. I/m 3 days.
Inj.Amoxicilin 4,5gm i/m 3 days.
Soda bi carb moth wash & in mouth spread 4 time a day.
Wound spray in hoof.
7= Initially you should scratch and wash the region, while an apply the G V or topical antibiotic drugs. And give narrow antibiotic like penstrip inj, or procaine penciling followed by multivitamin inj
8= Oxytetracycline practical experience on pigs n ruminants. There’s also this drug called radix, injectable but have not been see it anywhere except in my former place of work that got them for FMD maybe they imported them
9= Wash the lesions with candy lotion and Glycerin for mouth and potassium permanganate for foot and give broad spectrum antibiotics but no specific treatment for FMD
10= Flush with alum solution, apply Glycerol with supplement with OTC, Long acting, B-complex and melixicom
Basically it’s viral Disease and it’s treatment is carefully .

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