What we do for animals after birth | care for animals after birth | suggetion for caring animals

Cows should be cared for before they are born. In the first six months of gestation, the cow needs extra food, but not as much as in the last two or three months of gestation, because in the last months, the baby’s fetus grows very fast and during this time the baby receives food from the mother. Uses a special part.

To meet these growing needs, additional nutrients are added to the cow’s diet so that the weight and size of the cow is maintained, ie the body condition score of the cow should not be less. BCS should be at least 4 during this period. But unfortunately this is not done on many farms.

There are many reasons for this, one of which is the large number of “dry” animals on the farm, which reduces the income of the farm owner and he pays more attention. Dodge is given only to animals, although the farm owner / farm manager should be aware that if we manage the dry cow well, it can be of great benefit, including the proper size of the baby. Ease of having a baby.

Prevent Metabolic Diseases and Significantly Increase Milk Production and then Improve Breeding. Investors should be well aware of all these things and only a well qualified Qualified Vet and Animal Science graduate can do this job. Professionals who are involved in marketing and sales also do a great job. There is a need for implementation after that and I think if knowledge is powerful then there should be no hesitation in acting.

This is followed by Dry Cow Management, which will be explained in the next installment, but dry animal feed is very important, so you can get help from a Nutritionist. have been . Because a balanced diet in close up affects the production of bohli in cows,

bohli meets the nutritional needs of the newborn and the antibodies it contains make the baby immune. Therefore, we must act on all these requests so that the farmer is prosperous and the dairy sector of our country grows twice a day and four times a night.

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