Why placenta stop in animal | how we remove placenta safely in large and small animals

  • Stopping of semen in animals …!

Causes, Symptoms, Precautions and Treatment …!

This is a very common disease in cows and buffaloes. It is usually caused by an unbalanced diet. Due to which there is a lot of economic loss. The animal does not reach its full milk soon. The animal does not get pregnant quickly.

Symptoms …!

1: If the animal does not digest after 12 hours of calving, then understand that the animal has stopped digesting.
2: Due to the lack of calcium, if the stomach is stopped, the fever of the animal decreases.
3: The animal becomes exhausted.
4: Animal food and drink is relatively less.
5: There is usually an infection in the uterus.
6: The animal becomes poisoned, due to which the fever also increases and the food and drink also decreases.

Reasons …!

1: The animal does not get dry period.
2: Unbalanced and substandard diet, especially in animals. Salt deficiency.
3: After giving birth, the animal cannot find a suitable place to sit.
4: Lack of food.
5: Severe weather such as extreme cold or extreme heat.
6: Even if the animal throws the baby away prematurely, the semen is usually stopped.

Precautions …!

1: When the animal is seven months old, let it dry, so that it can make up for the deficiency in its body.
2: Give the animal dry matter at the rate of 2 to 25% of your dummy body weight.
3: Keep the ratio of raw protein in the diet to 14%.
4: Any source of calcium after feeding the animal, such as DCP.
5: Provide a soft place for the animal to sit.
6: Protect the animal from extreme weather conditions.
7: If AD and E are vaccinated, according to a research, the process of stopping germination is reduced.
8: Do not empty the animal completely after giving birth to the animal. Bid according to the needs of the child.


If the semen does not come out after 24 hours, call a veterinarian and get it out by hand.
6: Even if the sorghum is not taken out, it rotts away with time, but the animal becomes severely poisoned.
Antibiotics should be kept in the uterus after extraction to prevent infection.

Note: The amount of all medicines is usually listed on the medicine or use according to the instructions of the veterinary store or the doctor. Don’t follow. Don’t let your animals get hurt.

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